What We Offer

Howick Pre-Primary School offers six group classes:

  • Baby Monkey             18 months to 2 years
  • Busy Bee                    2-3 years
  • Turtles                        3-4 years
  • Chameleons               4-5 years
  • Owles                         4-5 years
  • Ladybirds                   5-6 years

Our professionally qualified, mature, dedicated staff members specialize in Early Childhood Development.  Our focus is on the holistic development of the children within our care, encouraging each child to reach their full potential.  Our school environment is warm, caring, safe and designed to support the entire family unit.

Howick Pre-Primary School is registered with the Department of Education and Department of Social Development.  We have high standards that are maintained through the on-going training of our staff members in the latest developments within Early Childhood Development.
Howick Pre-Primary School runs each year according to the school terms and public holidays set out by the Department of Education


Howick Pre-Primary School offers the national curriculum as set out by the Department of Education.  We use the National CAPS as our method of assessment which we believe is an accurate way to assess the children in our care, as it is an on-going assessment program.

We offer structured teacher directed programs that promote the holistic development of the child including language, social, emotional, cognitive, problem solving, emergent reading and maths skills.

Each week the following lessons are provided:

We follow the themes set out by the Department of Education for Foundation Phase.  These themes help broaden the children's general knowledge as well as language skills.

Howick Pre-Primary has a dedicated, qualified music teacher who presents weekly lessons to each age group using the South African Music Program 'Kiddibeat'.  This program encourages all aspects of music including playing musical instruments, singing, rhythm and learning songs in various languages.

These lessons promote muscle development in the child.  Each lesson is designed to encourage muscle control, eye-hand co-ordination, eye-foot co-ordination, core muscle development, balance and body image development.

During drama lessons, children are encouraged to dramatize stories as well as create fantasy environments.  Children are encouraged to express themselves through words, movements, sounds and actions.

This is a wonderful lesson that provides children with the opportunity to investigate, discover, observe and analyse.  The children are encouraged to explore using their senses and describe (using language and new vocabulary) what they have discovered.

Howick Pre-Primary wants to instil a great love for stories and books within our learners.  Stories are explored through various mediums on a day-to-day basis.  The lessons encourage concentration development, language skills and listening skills development.



Howick Pre-Primary School's aftercare is run by two qualified staff members.  Our aftercare is an extension of the school day and is filled with fun, creative activities every afternoon.

Our main focus for the aftercare is to provide a fun, safe and exciting environment for children to spend the afternoon and it runs from 12h45 to 17h00 daily.

This extra service is charged at a hourly rate in addition to the school fees.

Howick Pre-Primary strives to provide a child centred environment where all the equipment, classrooms, bathrooms and playgrounds are designed to encourage a learning experience.

Howick Pre-Primary School complies with the strict standards of health and safety policies.  Each area within the school is monitored by a teacher and all members of staff are trained in level 1 first aid and basic CPR.