Howick Pre-Primary SCHOOL

A home away from home where we grow hearts and minds - TOGETHER.

Welcome to Howick Pre-Primary!

A school for children aged 4 months - Grade R.

We’re proud of our compassionate, empathetic environment.
The children in our care are engaged from the moment they arrive.
They are made to feel welcomed, safe and special.











grow and succeed

... and ultimately GROW and SUCCEED

Howick Pre Primary School

Our diverse learning program creates as many opportunities as possible for children to challenge their abilities.

Howick Pre Primary School play time

Our Guiding Values

Howick Pre Primary School
  • To foster a loving, exciting and inviting environment
  • To provide high-quality care and education
  • To create a home away from home that is safe and secure
  • To promote equality and diversity
  • To ensure equal opportunities for children to thrive
  • To stimulate children to reach their full potential
  • To deliver a platform that allows children to develop holistically

About Howick Pre-Primary

At the heart of our human existence, our deepest desire is to be connected. To grow, learn and develop, we need to feel safe, acknowledged and connected.

At Howick Pre-Primary, we strive to achieve a meaningful relationship with each child in our care.

Our relationship-based school creates the perfect environment for children to feel seen and acknowledged.

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Howick Pre Primary School
Howick Pre Primary School
Howick Pre Primary School